About The Drone Pilot

I am a Licensed Drone Pilot having passed the 107 FAA Test. I am also insured at $1,000,000. Ok, the business part is over.

Essentially, the Drones we use are Flying cameras. Flying a camera is a bit different than holding one in your hand but the mechanics are the same visually. It takes a long time to develop a “photographers eye” but the skills, thankfully, transfer whether 5 feet off the ground or 50. I am constantly trying to acquire new skills and equipment to further my abilities.

I am an award winning photographer that has been in Magazine, Newspaper and online sites. I have also had Calendar Front Covers and event promotional shots featured in international events. I have been a professional art, portrait and event photographer on and off for over 30 years. I now have the opportunity to take my skills as a photographer and apply them to another dimension … and it just keeps getting more exciting.

Think of something you need a drone for and drop me an email at CrossPatchDrones@gmail.com or click over to the “Contact” Page and let me know what you have in mind.