Rates And More

The Rates:
Our rates depend on a variety of factors; location, time on site, travel, editing, permitting and administration to name a few.

Get a hold of us through our Contact Page or leave a message at (479) 244-0304. We will get back to you as soon as we can, ask some painless questions and set the time and date.

Video and Photo Enhancement Prep for Media Use or Full Media Presentation: 
Contact Us

All of this is contingent on flight zones and FAA regulations. If we do have to file additional paperwork to fly, a PITA fee and administrative costs will be added to the invoice.
To see where you are according to FAA regulations visit HIVEMAPPER , click on the Launch Map in the upper right corner and type in your address!



Crosspatch Drones retains copyright of all videos and photographs. Clients are purchasing a non-exclusive license to use these videos and photos in their entirety and hold these rights for the life of the listing. All media will be used to market the specific business or property. Use of these photos or videos outside of these guidelines will constitute a breach of contract. Extended licensing options are available.

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